Japanese steel is world renowed for its high quality strength, durability, and beauty. Theres a reason why samauri swords are so popular around the word. (Superior japanese quality and thousands of years in the art of sword and steel making


  The Sakagen scissors offered by Kenzan Kiev are made from the same techniques passed down from thousands of years of craftmanship.  These scissors feature an ergonomic angled design which allows you to use the scissors for extended periods of time without twisting your wrists and getting fatigued. 


These scissors cut like no other on the market! The razor sharp and finely milled blades make cutting clean, smooth,  precise, and without effort.

These  scissors were designed to cleanly cuts through  plants rather than partially crushing them like an anvil. This makes it ideal for live plants as it results in less damage to the plant and a more attractive smoother cut.


The ergonomic design offers balance comfort and the best possible results from your pruning and cutting session.

The High stength carbon steel blade is  made of elastomeric wear-resistant rubber grips that allow you to maintain support and control of your instrument which allows you to cut exactly where you intended to with maximum precision.

This is a great modern tool packed with features and are ideal for left handed or right handed persons. 





✔️ High carbon steel blade

✔️Cut smoothly and cleanly with precision

✔️Handles made of elastomeric rubber - wear-resistant, neutral for the skin, hypoallergenic, safe for the environment

✔️Material is protected by American and Japanese patents.

✔️No need to ever  sharpen

✔️Designed for a branch diameter of 1 cm.

✔️ Proudly Made In Japan

Japanese Floral Scissors-Yellow-F170

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