Tobisho Pruners  A-type (200mm edge / Blue paper steel, Aogami


This A-type has a tradisional shape. The handle is made of a casting, and the edges is made from Blue paper steel. It is strong, for hard trees, such as a mulberry, can also be used. There are some which should be mentioned especially in the form and weight of a grip by having used the lostwax method.


They are the most standard pruning shears. Since sharpness and durability are combined, it is preeminent for cost performance. Many professional Japanese Gardener is using it.
This Tobisho New Pruners A-type is 200mm (=7.87 inch) size. Blue paper edges is only this size.


The main use:

Pruning of a tree and a fruit tree.
For Agriculture, Gardening, production of a Japanese garden ,etc.


Tobisho is a blacksmith in 200 years or more at history. 

The blacksmith town in Yamagata was built by Yoshiaki Mogami. He is a samurai. Therefore, Yamagata was set to one of the producing districts of a Japanese sword. Then, in Yamagata, since production of the fruit tree prospered, the technology of pruning shears developed.

Also in it, Tobisho has original heat treatment and gloss technology, and is very famous in pruning shears. Many Japanese farmhouse and the specialist on a Japanese gardener are using it.


The notes on use about Pruners New A-type (200mm edge, Blue paper steel, Aogami) TOBISHO

* Please do not twist. 
* please do not drop
* Please do not use it for any purpose other than wood branch. 
* It rusts for a steel part. Please wipe after use well. 
* Pleasey a whetstone, if it becomes difficult to cut. 
* If edged tool oil is applied, it will last long more.



Tobisho Pruners A-type (200mm edge / Blue paper steel, Aogami