No vase? No problem! These water-tight pin cups are perfect for every day arranging and creating unique designs that allow the flowers to speak for themselves. The pin cups have a heavy base for stability and feature extra-long, close together pins to accommodate an array of design styles with ease. Perfect for sustainable, foam-free floral design, these pin cups are versatile and can be used as a stand-alone vase, or inside not-so-common containers!


  • Available in black 
  • Heavy base designed to hold flowers and water without tipping
  • Long brass pins are placed close together to hold any design snugly in place
  • Made with rust-free materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: diametr with flange - 9,5 cm, kenzan 8 cm

The Floral Genius pin holders are constructed with a lead base and brass pins. These durable metals will never rust and offer a stable base for heavier arrangements. While all painted pin holders offer a barrier, unpainted products will have an exposed lead base. Though this small amount of exposure is harmless, we do recommend that you use caution, and wash your hands after handling the unpainted holders. Always avoid contact with your mouth while handling the unpainted products.