Great Tool Set for Gardener!


Tool Set Includes:
Japanese carbon steel flower scissors, Winter Garden Gloves M, paper gift box.



This Gardener tool kit for beginners or professionals!
Scissors are lightweight. Good sharpness. It is strong against rust. Fluorine processing.
Made in Japan.

-  Sakagen Flower Scissors F-170 Blue
Size: 7,72 x 4,57 x 0,87 inches
Material: S58C carbon steel, Elastomer resin.


Fleece lined and rubber coated, these gloves are perfect for cold weather chores around the garden - they’ll keep your hands warm and dry, and show up well if you misplace them. Watch out for thorns though, as the waterproof coating isn’t thornproof.

The cuff colours, and the funky Japanese kanji, are non-negotiable. Don’t, for goodness sake, get the small ones because you like the purple, or the shape of 七. Get them because you’re size 7.

Measure across the middle of your hand (at the metacarpophalangeal joints, obviously) in cm to find your size. 8cm = Size 8 (Medium) etc.) 


This Florist Tool Kit comes in Paper Gift Box.

Niwaki Winter Waterproof Garden Gloves M + Sakagen Flower Sissors Blue