Farmer-Florist Toolbelt Black {Right} Handed

This handcrafted tool belt has revolutionized the way florists work. No more tearing holes in the back pockets of pants and misplacing phones, pens and flower snips throughout the day.  This gorgeous custom hand crafted belt changes everything, not to mention it is super stylish and sleek.


With room for both heavy-duty pruners and flower snips or scissors, a cellphone, a pen and pencil and a rose stripper or hand towel, this tool belt has been a total game changer.


It rests comfortably on your hips, keeping essential tools within reach without adding any extra weight or strain on your back.


Belts are one ­size­ fits most.  Owners can trim the belt tail to their desired length if needed. 

Leather Handcrafted Belt/Holster-Black

SKU: H-1002