The point of blade is made by Stellite alloy.

The point of blade is perfectly corrosion-resistant.

Very sharp and light.

For japanese traditional flower arangment.

Product description


  • Traditional Japanese flower arranging tool.
  • Weighted for control and accuracy
  • Cover of the cutter part is attached. *Color of the cover may vary.
  • Made in Japan
  • 165 MM



Precautions for use:
-If you are using a new scissors, it will take about a month as a period of breaking-in.In the meantime, please do not cut thick or hard things, or forcibly handle scissors.
-Please wipe off moisture and dirt after use and keep it in the dry place.
-Please do not cut metal such as wires and nails. When damage to the blade occurs, the product life will be shortened.

SAKAGEN Co.,Ltd, the manufacturer of this item has a long tradition as Blade manufacturer in Sanjo city in Japan, where many good makers of steel made tools and blades have been gathering.

SAKEGEN's product had got a lot of prize for their functions and designs.
In 1972, Emperor Showa and the Empress bought their scissors.
In 1984 one of their product was permanently preserved in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Japanese Ikebana Scissors "IKENOBO" 165 mm