About this item

  • STURY & RESISTANT: With a blade made out of high carbon steel you can be sure that these scissors will be durable and stay sharp! They're coated with a hard chrome plated finish therefore corrosion resistant and retains their high quality look for longer. Wipe clean these scissors after usage for better hygiene when time isn't on your side!
  • MULTIPURPOSE CUTTING SCISSORS: Use these scissors at home, in the office or even for gardening! We structured these scissors to take on DIY activities, they be used as cardboard scissors, home craft scissors, cutting out scissors and much more. Store these in you drawer for home improvement and feel how smoothly they cut.
  • ERGONOMIC SOFT HAND GRIP: Equipped with a soft grip, this feature will minimise fatigue and help you cut for longer without feeling pain from friction. The pointed scissors with a straight edge are designed with this attribute in order to give you precision when crafting and using as a kitchen scissor.
  • SAFETY CAP: Plastic safety caps come with these sharp scissors to protect your hands whilst rummaging through drawers. We included this as a key feature as little ones usually go searching through things and this massively reduces the rick of them accidentally hurting themselves.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FOR COMFORT: These scissors for crafting, home office are only 60 grams in weight, that's right! Super light! Constructed to make your duties easier and reduce fatigue in the hand and wrists, once you use these scissors you'll never go back to those heavy old ones you've had lying in the cupboard for years!


Material High Carbon Steel, Plastic
Brand ARS
Blade material High Carbon Steel
Item dimensions L x W x H 15.2 x 7.6 x 2.5 centimetres
Item weight 60 Grams

ARS ARS-330-HN-G General Purpose Domestic Scissors Mint